Quiet Power Coaching

Make Your Inner Knowing Your Most Reliable Ally

Remember Glinda the Good Witch telling Dorothy “my dear, the power was in you all along!”

That’s true of you too.

You have the power to feel solid even when life is rocky.

It’s so damn easy to lose sight of it, too easy to forget what you know.

How can you remember to take right action when you’re feeling shaky inside, or when you get to that place of overwhelm with all that needs to get done?

By standing firm on the only truly solid ground there is — the ground within.

Yet knowing what to do and being able to do it don’t always align even if you’ve:

  • been on your spiritual path for a long time.
  • done powerful trainings and spent time in workshops and retreats.
  • lined your shelves with books full of inspiration, healing techniques, and visionary pathways to awakening.

I hear you thinking “Geez, I know this stuff! Why is it so hard?”

Because you’re human — wired to forget and remember, to bounce back and forth between your inner knowing and your inner confusion.

Instead of trying to “fix” this, you can learn to dance with it. Your stumbling steps can even be the most powerful parts of the dance.

It’s time to stand in your Quiet Power. 

I’m not talking big, loud, steamroller-over-others power. Quiet power activates your innate strengths and lets them shine.

Dig in with something different: heart-based guidance and spiritual healing that strengthens your emotional resilience and puts you on solid footing, even when the ground continues to shift (as it will). Your quiet power has already brought you through so much, even when you weren’t aware of it.

Quiet Power Coaching gives you the tools to:

  • Increase your ability to deal with difficult emotions.
  • Develop strong, resilient personal boundaries, and enjoy better relationships.
  • Gain an expanded vision beyond your current circumstances.
  • Release old paradigms, making space for more relevant, helpful, and self-loving ones.
  • Feel more confident because you trust your inner guidance.

During this process, I’ll be by your side with no agenda except what will serve you best.

Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve seen this time and again with clients: three to four months is an optimal amount of time for you to begin to benefit from the transformative magic that’s possible through this work.

Over these months together, we’ll dig in and discern what’s most essential as you walk your unique path to wholeness. You’ll embody core tools and strategies that work synergistically to strengthen your knowing and trust that wisdom, including:

Root yourself in mindful awareness

Mindfulness is the foundation for everything else; it establishes the ground from which you actually can live with greater presence, hope and grace. It carves a path to greater satisfaction by allowing you to be with things Meditation Mind and Bodyexactly as they are with compassion and awareness.

It’s natural to want to push away from fear, pain and uncertainty; unfortunately, that also often has the opposite affect. What we are trying to achieve is a level of protection and denial. What we end up with is disconnection and more pain.

As you develop mindful awareness through specific exercises and meditations, the space between worrisome thoughts grows larger.

It’s in that space that the seeds of peace are watered.

No worries if you’ve tried meditating and “failed” in the past – one of my magical qualities is helping you find your way into a sustainable practice.

Overrule stressful thinking 

Learn effective ways to question stressful thoughts and gain more ease in being with what is. No longer feel at the mercy of your thoughts, especially when pain or fear seem ever-present.

Using The Work of Byron Katie and other inquiry practices, you’ll release the grip of painful, circuitous thinking, allowing fresh insights and understandings to emerge.

Once you grasp these tools, you’ll learn that your thoughts – even the most worrisome ones – are not as powerful as they seem. And that you alone have the power to disengage from them so you can feel in control; even when so much seems out of control.

Even the most stressful situations will feel less heavy when you can calm and make friends with your mind.

Receive energetic healings and practices that will support your new reality

With so many changes and emotions to process, it’s easy to get turned around and ungrounded. Learning to embody peace by incorporating energy practices into your daily routine is key; they allow you to stay tuned into yourself with consistency and compassion.

Together we’ll craft a toolkit for you based on time-tested systems of bodymind and energy based healing. The techniques you’ll learn are not complicated, yet will allow you to self-soothe in healthy ways, and build new levels of resilience and fortitude for even the rockiest of times. I’m all about keeping it simple, because life is complex enough!

You’ll also receive a series of Kabbalistic Healings, which work at a deeply foundational level to make everything you’ll learn and experience take root more easily.

Claudia was thrilled to experience substantial shifts:

For four months, I had been bolting out of rest and sleep with severe anxiety. My thinking had become obsessive, especially with those events remaining unresolved, surfacing over and over again, like a hamster on an exercise wheel.

With Sharon’s clear yet elegant ability to communicate, the pairing of Mindful Meditation and Byron Katie’s “The Work” is a perfect union and what I have been searching for. The addition of the energy healing sessions and her skills in Kabbalistic Healing have created a solid foundation, allowing for true healing of body, mind and spirit. Read more…

Claudia Zadro, Modena, NY

Here’s how our time together will unfold:

  • We’ll meet for an hour at a time, by phone or video conference, for a total of 12 meetings.
  • As we move through the weeks, you’ll receive written and audio guides that’ll keep you focused and grounded between sessions.
  • I’ll be available to you for email support as needed.

More peace and wholeness is possible, no matter what life throws at you! I’d love to help you embody that reality. Together we’ll create a strong, compassionate, honest relationship, the most fertile soil for change and growth.

Lisa went from feeling anxious and stuck to being brave enough to leave a bad relationship:

The thing that’s made the biggest difference for me is the combination of learning how to deal with my stressful thinking through a practice of inquiry, and the magic of your Kabbalistic healings. It’s helped me feel more awake, aware and at ease.

                                                                           Lisa M., Program Specialist at Abilities First

Quiet Power Coaching

Four-month transformative process: $275/month for 4 months

Or pay in full and save over $100: $997

Perhaps this sounds like just what you’d find helpful, but you’re not ready to commit to the full package:
Single Quiet Power session: $100 for one hour

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