Crazy World Deeper Dive

Access Peace Of Mind As Needed!

Sometimes you feel like you don’t quite know what to do to return to center. That’s when learning new techniques is really helpful — especially if they’re taught in small, easy to digest bites.

Sometimes you know what you “should” be doing, what’s worked in the past, what’s easy when you’re already in flow. But you forget, and get a bit off track, and need some loving reminders and a compass reset.

It also helps to have a strong flashlight with fresh batteries and a map of the territory.

That’s why I’ve expanded upon the six core practices in the book with these companion audios. They make it easy to use and integrate these simple practices into your life, whenever you need a boost.

Each audio is about 10 minutes long; you can use one or two to help you with what you are most needing in the moment {breath work, movement, intuitive guidance}.

It’s also perfect for creating your own mini-retreat at home.

Set aside a couple of hours, unplug from your devices, grab a journal and fix a fresh cup of tea. Then go through each of the six practices with the book and audio to guide and inform you.

You’ll come out on the other side calm, clear and ready to go back to the craziness with a sense of firmer ground beneath you — because you’ve come back to knowing that the only solid ground comes from your inner terrain. 

In the audios I offer fresh insights, plus lead you through each of the practices so you can relax and experience being with yourself as you:

  • Breathe To Connect To Your Inner Knowing
  • Acclimate To Your Inner Rhythms
  • Simplify Your Thinking Through Inquiry
  • Initiate Small Physical Movement Daily
  • Consult Your Inner Guidance System
  • Sanctify Daily Life With Gratitude

You’ll get instant access to the book and all six audios.

crazy_world_peaceful_heartThe Deeper Dive originally sold for $99.

This special offer gives access to core wisdom and guidance you can use again and again, now for only $67!