Nourish your soul, deepen your self-care


Crazy World, Peaceful Heart — The Book

crazy_world_peaceful_heartCreate your own peaceful heart revolution! In the words of one reader, “This beautifully written book wraps its arms around you like a comforting, wise mother. You’ll feel calmer just reading it; however it also offers a variety of simple and practical activities to help you recapture a sense of peace in this hectic world in which we live.” Learn more and order your copy HERE.


Crazy World, Peaceful Heart – The Deeper Dive

Books are wonderful teachers and companions, but sometimes you gain more when you engage with material through other senses. That’s why I’ve created this package containing six audios to go along with the six core practices I cover in the book:

  • Breathe To Connect To Your Inner Knowing
  • Acclimate To Your Inner Rhythms
  • Simplify Your Thinking Through Inquiry
  • Initiate Small Physical Movements Daily
  • Consult Your Inner Guidance System
  • Sanctify Daily Life With Gratitude

In these audio companions, I expand on each practice and then guide you through it. This way you can simply relax, listen, open your senses and flow with the practice as I present it. Check it out and get your Deeper Dive Kit HERE.

Meditation For Women: Create a Practice You Can Grow With And Love

mfw-coverAh meditation — it’s simple but it isn’t necessarily easy!

Perhaps you’ve never tried it but have been intrigued; or perhaps a well-meaning friend or health care practitioner recommended it to you to soothe your frayed nerves.

Or maybe you have tried and just couldn’t clear your mind of those pesky thoughts. “I’m not good at this!” you thought. Or, even harsher, “I failed.”

You cannot fail at this. The only way to fail is to not even try. {Actually, it follows the Yoda rule — do or do not do, there is no try.}

This kit contains a guidebook plus guided audio meditations (led by me, naturally) that will help you find ease and develop a practice you can call your own. The place to find out more is HERE.