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Quiet Power Coaching

It’s easy to forget what you know or remember to take right action when you’re feeling shaky inside, or get to that place ofoverwhelm with all that needs to get done. Good news is, you can learn to find your unshakable inner ground and make your inner wisdom your most reliable ally, which is what this individualized program is all about. Get more info and schedule your complimentary Quiet Power discovery session HERE.


Kabbalistic Tree of Life Healing

Life’s challenges make it easy for us to forget that we are made from wholeness. It’s even easier to forget or disengage from the fact that even our pain and difficulties are part of that wholeness — mostly we just want them to go away. This spiritual healing system helps you reconcile difficulties and derive even greater pleasure from the joys of life — find out more HERE.


Sweet Relief Bodywork Sessions (in New Paltz, NY)

Feeling the weight of the world in your shoulders, head, heart? These relaxing and nourishing sessions may result in dropping 10 lbs. of psychic weight; spontaneous sighs and smiles; physical and emotional pain relief; reaquaintance with your essential self. All in a peaceful, beautiful healing space with magical views of the Gunks. Read more and schedule your session HERE.