What Are You Turning Towards?

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Here it is, September 1st — how did that happen? Even though the official end of summer is still 3 weeks from now, the shift is already palpable.

And with it comes the inevitable tinge of excitement mixed with melancholy.

  • Shorter days (oh no!)
  • Back to school vibe (new beginnings! An excuse to buy new notebooks and pens — or, in my case, sweaters.)
  • Looking ahead to the High Holy Days (a time of deep introspection, forgiveness practices and turning back towards the Source).

Hence my desire to gather together in the warmth of community and reflect on holiday themes of spiritual renewal.

This holiday season is uniquely focused on reviewing the past year and whatever transgressions, large or small, we may have engaged in.

We ask for forgiveness, from those against whom we have transgressed, from our own imperfect souls and from our Source.

It’s a time of turning away from the world of making and doing, and turning towards the larger worlds we so easily turn away from most of the time — the worlds beyond egoic striving and comparison. The worlds where, no matter what we may have done or not done, our soul simply shines.

There is a yearning to be inscribed in the Book of Life for another year based on the depth of our intention to repent and seek forgiveness.

We dip apples in honey and eat them. signifying the harvest of the recent past and the sweetness we seek in the year ahead.

The rituals may be Jewish in their genesis, yet the themes are universal. How have we been living, thinking, acting? What do we regret or wish we’d done better? How do we intend to make amends, be more thoughtful, act differently in the future?

Not to beat ourselves up (although part of the Yom Kippur service involves striking your chest with your fist as you list your transgressions), but to be truthful, be real, and clear the slate for the year ahead.

So as the season turns toward autumn, what are you turning towards? Where will you find succor, forgiveness and comfort? What will you lean into to nurture your spirit and remind you of your deepest intentions? Please comment below, so we all can share in your wisdom and strength.

May your journey return you to your Source, from which you are never truly apart.

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