Kabbalistic Tree of Life Healing

Small things seem big and big things feel like they’ll take you under when your heart hurts and your soul is out of alignment.

Anxiety and doubt sets in; interactions with others feel difficult and your fuse seems shorter.

You know how you want to show up, yet your ability to do so feels hidden behind a thin gauzy filter.

Even when there’s a lot of good stuff going on, there’s a sense that still, something is missing or out of sorts.


Sharon is a wise and masterful healer.

I love knowing that my energy field is in Divine hands with Sharon. She is a wise and masterful healer who is tapped into Spirit in deep ways. I am always grateful for the healing energy as well as the healing insights and counsel that she offers. I am a healer myself and Sharon is my go to gal when I need some self-care.

Renee Li, NYC


How It Works

Through our sessions, you’ll come to understand yourself in new ways and embody a deeper sense of wholeness, aliveness and inner alignment. This can show up in your life in a variety of ways:

  • Less anxiety and more self-trust
  • More ease and comfort in relationships
  • Strong, loving boundaries
  • A feeling of being truly at home in your body and your life
  • An ability to be with things as they are and truly get that “there is nowhere God is not”

Healing sessions consist of a sacred conversation followed by a vibrational healing that brings you into resonance with specific aspects of the Tree of Life. As you talk about what’s happening in your life and the issues that you would like to resolve, I’m listening and reflecting with the qualities of the Tree in mind.

The Tree of Life is considered the blueprint for all existence, and its various qualities are part of who we are as well. Each specific healing helps to rectify the imbalances in your life — emotional, spiritual and physical.

I describe it like this: the healings shift things at your core. They enrich the inner soil of your being so that the changes and shifts you’ve been striving for have a better chance to take root.

Just as you fix the soil in your garden so your plants will flourish and and your harvest will be full, we “fix” imbalances in your Tree to initiate healthy changes so you can flourish.


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Kabbalah is a path to remembering your inherent wholeness. The Tree of Life and its aspects are at the core of Kabbalah: it comes from the Jewish tradition but is not about being Jewish; it’s about being more fully human, and owning everything that comes with that journey.

The healing that comes through the Tree is for anyone who longs to feel more connected and in better relationship with herself, others and, most important, to The Divine Source of All-That-Is (which I call God but you might use another name).

According to Kabbalah, there is nothing, no one, nowhere that exists without the presence of this animating force that creates and sustains all of existence. And the more we align ourselves with that truth, the better we are able to flow with all of life, no longer needing to split the world or try to control it.

I highly recommend Sharon Rosen’s calming and healing Tree of Life work.

In the session we had, her compassionate presence held me in a deeply healing space. As I shared my needs, she offered me an image that has been essential in how I have been holding it together through very trying times. I am grateful for this every single day!

She showed me how, in the Tree of Life Healing, we hold within ourselves contrasting paradoxes, sustaining a central balance by holding both polarities.

And so it is that in my life right now, on one hand I am inspired, excited about my work, living a highly creative time in which what I yearned for is beginning to happen. On the other side, I am caring, while grieving with deep sorrow as I witness my husband’s suffering, his struggle to come to terms with the loss of health, with the loss of the life he used to have (and that we used to have) and his lack of a sense of perspective.

Thank you so much, Sharon, for your compassionate presence and deeply healing work!

Ruth A., Santa Rosa, CA

Here’s what others experienced from our work together:

I felt a real settling into myself and integration.

The Kabbalistic healing work especially brought me into greater balance than I’d experienced through any of the other paths I’d explored. I felt a real settling into myself and integration over the course of many sessions. I was better able to observe the world in a way that it made more sense, and wasn’t getting so caught up in the opposing forces of freedom vs. discipline.

I found our work together helped me to trust what I was experiencing beyond explanations of what you were “doing” or what was happening during the healings. It helped me gain an ability to know in other ways, and receive guidance from a source outside of my mental chatter or the chatter coming in from all around me.

P.C.,  Montclair, NJ

I feel more awake, aware and at ease.

The thing that’s made the biggest difference for me is the combination of learning how to deal with my stressful thinking through a practice of inquiry, and the magic of your Kabbalistic healings. It’s helped me feel more awake, aware and at ease.

Lisa M., Program Specialist at Abilities First

The session unlocked a new sense of self-acceptance

I experienced a delicious Tree of Life Healing last Friday. It was an experience that “woke up” a whole part of my creative mind and unlocked a sense of self-acceptance that I hadn’t experienced before. Beautiful.

Margaret Rode, websitesforgood.com

Sessions are one hour, by appointment, in person or by phone or video.

$90/session; all follow-up details (number to call or link to Zoom video meeting room) will arrive in your inbox after you click through below.

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