Reclaim Your Footing

Move from chaos to peace

When life’s thrown you a curveball, the ground beneath you isn’t as solid as it once seemed. It’s easy to forget what you know or remember to take the actions that provide the only true solid ground there is — the ground within.

  • You’ve been on your spiritual path for a long time.
  • You’ve done powerful trainings, spent time in workshops and retreats.
  • Your shelves are lined with books full of inspiration, healing techniques, ancient wisdom, visionary pathways, yet you’re not picking them up and using them.

You’re thinking “I know this stuff! Why is this so hard?”

It seems the sure footing you once counted on is gone, or you recognize maybe it wasn’t ever truly there.  You have a huge range of thoughts and emotions running through you, along with the need to show up for your work, your family, and the rest of your life. Your heart, mind, and soul are poised for something new.

You know you do better with the right support; how would it feel to walk with someone by your side whose mission is to help you truly thrive?

You’re ready — ready to receive a blend of heart-based guidance, healing, and learning that will strengthen your emotional resilience and help you feel you’re back on solid footing, even when the ground continues to shift.

Introducing Reclaim Your Footing

A 12-week process of one-on-one guidance and support.

Reclaim Your Footing will help you to:

  • Experience less anxiety as you learn to embrace uncertainty.
  • Be reminded of your inner wisdom so it becomes a reliable ally as you move forward.
  • Increase your ability to deal with difficult emotions.
  • Gain an expanded vision beyond your current circumstances, and be reminded of the larger context in which your life is held.
  • Release old paradigms so you can give life to more relevant, helpful, and self-loving ones.
  • Have someone who is unconditionally on your side, with no agenda of her own.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll cycle through three core components as you walk the spiral path of figuring out what’s ahead for you. Each is powerful on its own, and together they create a strong web of comfort and resiliency you will come to rely on again and again, during difficult times as well as hopeful ones.

First, root yourself in mindful awareness

Mindfulness is the foundation for everything else; it establishes the ground from which you actually can live with greater presence, hope and grace. It carves a path to greater satisfaction by allowing you to be with things Meditation Mind and Bodyexactly as they are with compassion and awareness.

It’s natural to want to push away from fear, pain and uncertainty; unfortunately, that also often has the opposite affect. What we are trying to achieve is a level of protection and denial. What we end up with is disconnection and more pain.

As you develop mindful awareness through specific exercises and meditations, the space between worrisome thoughts grows larger.

It’s in that space that the seeds of peace are watered.

No worries if you’ve tried meditating and “failed” in the past – one of my specialties is helping you find your way into a sustainable practice.

Second, relieve stressful thinking through inquiry

Here you will learn how to question stressful thoughts and gain more ease in being with what is. It’s easy to feel at the mercy of your thoughts, especially when pain or fear seem ever-present.

As you release the grip of painful, circuitous thinking, fresh insights and understandings will emerge.

These inquiry practices will give you the tools to learn that your thoughts – even the most worrisome ones – are not as powerful as they seem. And that you alone have the power to disengage from them so you can feel in control; even when so much seems out of control.

The very real stresses of your situation will feel less heavy when you can calm and make friends with your mind.

Third, learn energetic techniques that physically shift your reality

With so many changes and emotions to process, it’s easy to get turned around and ungrounded. Learning to embody
peace by incorporating energy practices into your daily routine is key to coming home to yourself in the new reality.

Together we will craft a toolkit for you based on time-tested systems of bodymind and energy based healing. I’m all about keeping it simple, because life is complex enough!

The techniques you’ll learn are not complicated, yet will allow you to self-soothe in healthy ways and build new levels of resilience and fortitude for even the rockiest of times.

Special bonus!

Three spiritual healing sessions designed to help you make these changes and ensure that they’ll actually stick. Based on the path of Kabbalah and its Tree of Life, these healings shift your relationship to life at a foundational level. They work at the ground of your being, allowing the changes to take root and grow in a robust and organic way.

Here’s what my client Claudia experienced when she took the Reclaim Your Footing journey:

For four months, I had been bolting out of rest and sleep with severe anxiety. My thinking had become obsessive, especially with those events remaining unresolved, surfacing over and over again, like a hamster on an exercise wheel.

With Sharon’s clear yet elegant ability to communicate, the pairing of Mindful Meditation and Byron Katie’s “The Work” is a perfect union and what I have been searching for. The addition of the energy healing sessions and her skills in Kabbalistic Healing have created a solid foundation, allowing for true healing of body, mind and spirit. Read more…

Claudia Zadro, Modena, NY


This 3 month journey begins with a two-hour Virtual Retreat (or, if you prefer, we can meet in person Hands And Frangipanis In A Spa Poolat my home in the Hudson Valley of NY). This will allow you to carve out undisturbed time for reflection, visioning and self-care. It is also where we will begin creating the foundation of mindful awareness that is essential for the time ahead.

After that, here’s how our time together will unfold:

  • We’ll meet one hour weekly, either in person or via phone or video (so distance or difficulty traveling are not an issue).
  • As we move through each piece of the process, there will be written and audio materials provided to guide and ground you in the practices between sessions.
  • I will be available to you for unlimited email support during business hours throughout, and special mini-phone sessions if needed. Together we’ll create a strong container of relationship, the most fertile soil for change and growth.


There is so much peace and wholeness that is possible, even as you are dealing with the upset and confusion that your experience of loss is evoking.

The best way to do that is in a Reclaim Your Footing Discovery Session. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you gain clarity about your best next steps.