What do you need most, dear heart?

It might be a solid, deep dive program to help you Reclaim Your Footing; a stretch of time deepening your ability to live more mindfully through The Mindful Way program; or receiving support through individual Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing sessions. Click through the descriptions below to see what feels right for you.

Reclaim YBe Lifeour Footing: Move from chaos to peace as you heal into a new reality.

An unexpected diagnosis or intimate loss can make you feel like the ground beneath you is no longer solid or reliable. This program is designed to guide you through your current difficulties and help you create a base from which you can better navigate the time ahead. Find out more HERE.



The Mindful Way 

Meditation is about so much more than sitting on a cushion and breathing (although those are two very helpful components). My specialty is guiding you into a practice that you can really love and grow with — when you find the best path, the journey will unfold in many beautiful and wondrous ways. Find out more HERE.



Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing

Life’s challenges make it easy for us to forget that we are made from wholeness. It’s even easier to forget or disengage from the fact that even our pain and difficulties are part of that wholeness — mostly we just want them to go away. This spiritual healing system helps you reconcile difficulties and derive even greater pleasure from the joys of life — find out more HERE.