Rejuvenate Your Spirit Personal VIP Retreat Day

Do you feel like you’re so busy looking after others that there’s not much space for you?

The Rejuvenate Your Spirit experience is artfully designed to give you:

  • A chance to step away from your daily routine and clarify issues that have been holding you back.
  • Space to rest deeply and connect with your true nature in a beautiful, natural setting.
  • A healing session with a bodyworker and energy healer of over 30 years — a delicious and deeply relaxing stretch on the table where your only job is to lie down and receive. (Think aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology and more. Yum…)
  • Meditations, introspection, and movement that will reset your nervous system as you shake off accumulated stress.
  • Specific practices and next steps tailored to you that you can bring back home to help you hold all that you do with more lightness and grace.

You have two options to choose from:

Half day personal RYS Retreat (3 hours, including tea and snack)

Full Day personal RYS Retreat (6 hours, including lunch, tea and snacks)

You’re the one — that person who takes exquisite care of others.

You do amazing work in the world, helping clients, patients, friends and family to move through their lives with more ease and wellbeing.

You’re their safe space; the person they can lean on, who combines head knowledge with heart wisdom in a way that feels truly impactful and supportive.

You love it… love being strong, being capable, being able to hold so much, being “the one.”

And you’re weary. Ready to drop that superhero cape from your shoulders and slip away for some deep rest

Part of you loves being the one everyone else leans on. And part of you is tired and needs to let that heavy superwoman cape go so you can lighten up.

The Rejuvenate Your Spirit Retreat is where those two parts can come and forge a new relationship. It’s not easy to do in stolen moments here and there, and it’s really not easy to do all on your own.

The biggest luxury in your life is time — and while I can’t give you more, I can give you a clearly defined container to step into, designed with ample support and transformative experiences. A day just for you, to soothe your soul and feel your shoulders relax, your breath steady, your mind downshift.

You’ll gather yourself and return ready to continue the work of deep healing and transformation you are so passionate about fostering in others.


I love knowing that my energy field is in Divine hands with Sharon. She is a wise and masterful healer who is tapped into Spirit in deep ways. I am always grateful for the healing energy as well as the healing insights and counsel that she offers. I am a healer myself and Sharon is my go to gal when I need some self-care.  Renee Li, Energy Healer and Author


Here are a few things I’ll bet we’re both sure of:

  • You’re here to make a difference — you’ve felt it for most of your life, even before you went into healing work.
  • It’s not about adding more, it’s about paring down and simplifying so you can relax into this fundamental truth: Who you already are is enough.
  • It’s not about anyone else’s “3 hot secrets to self-care” or “5 fundamental keys to success and balance.” (If only!)

It’s about giving yourself the time and space to remember what you already know, so you can more deeply embody and show up from that place. 

Because when that happens, everything flows better.

You don’t get so triggered by daily stresses, snarling and snapping at those you love when what you want is to feel connected and show your care.

You stand confident in what you know and what you’re here to do, and stop worrying about all the things you could or should be doing.

You stop doing the things that truly don’t support you — stress/binge eating, mindless Internet trolling, or watching too many episodes of your favorite show on Netflix (this isn’t just about you being weak, it’s actually built into the technology — imagine the freedom when you learn how to get beyond that!).

You let yourself off the hook more quickly when you do make a totally human misstep — and you always will. The important thing is to take your next step after that, and then after that.

I registered for the retreat because I was in need of a jump-start in my self-care. After months of assisting family members with health problems and the death of a parent, I felt depleted. The retreat sounded like the perfect gift to myself and my well-being.

This experience was invigorating, healing and deeply nurturing. The varied activities and ways to explore were both eye-opening and fun, and I’m now using some of the practices regularly. Sharon created a warm, safe, creative and nourishing atmosphere; I definitely plan to participate again in the future!  Diane Wormser, Physical Therapist


You know who are you when you’re at your best…

Present. Awake. Relaxed. Confident. 

Now is your time to commit to entering a safe, supportive container of time with a skilled, compassionate guide who knows the territory you’re walking and can place some blazes along the trail.

And the beauty of this is that it works around your schedule! How often have you seen a post for a retreat or workshop that sounds great, but the timing isn’t right? Or you find that it’s simply too hard to get away for a weekend or a week with all of your other commitments?

This is a VIP experience tailored to your schedule and your needs. Whatever themes and challenges are most pressing for you right now (or you’ve been struggling with for a while) are what we will focus the day around.

Retreats are held in a magical location in New Paltz, NY, the heart of the beautiful Hudson Valley.

NOT ABLE TO TRAVEL TO THE HV? Ask me about virtual retreat options — everything, including the energy healing work, can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or wherever you prefer to be!

If you’ve read this far and know that the time is right, let’s talk.  Email me to schedule a complimentary conversation (about 45 minutes), where we can explore your desires and schedule your retreat.

I look forward to creating a truly rejuvenating and transformational experience for you.