Is this you?

Sweet, soulful woman…

I know you get tired (the road is long and often feels uphill).

I know that you ache (your heart is heavy, your shoulders sore from carrying so much).

I know you are yearning for a break so you can show up fully — for yourself and for those you love.

Come. Sit. Find that sacred spot in the center of this wheel called your life.

Here your head will stop spinning. Here your eyes will soften as you cease looking outside yourself, and your inner vision will brighten and clarify.

From this place, next steps appear with clarity.

From this place, steps you thought you needed to take may disappear.

You know this place, have touched on it from time to time, yet it is elusive.

You want to remember that you know what you know.

You are ready to embrace the shadows so that you can hold more light. You are hungry for the nourishment that comes from within, which allows you to more deeply nourish yourself with food, water, movement and spiritual sustenance.

I believe that you are stronger than you realize.

I believe that one clear headed woman can create a tsunami of love and healing, within and despite the challenges (yes, you).

I believe that you can do what is needed without feeling burdened or exhausted  ̶ when it comes from your wholeness, it will not deplete you.

That wholeness is within your reach. Let’s join hands and weave it into being, together.

Sound good? Wondering how it can happen, and how I might help you get there?

Contact me HERE to schedule your no obligation, complimentary Peace of Mind Discovery Session. We’ll take 15-20 minutes to connect and explore where you wish you were, where you are now and how to bridge the gap in between.