Do Your Share My Dream?

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One evening long ago, at a gathering with hundreds of other spiritual seekers, my teacher Hilda Charlton asked “What was your favorite age, when you knew exactly who you were?”

I immediately saw myself at 5, playing in the circular racks at Alexander’s while Mom filled a cart from her list of back-to-school essentials. When she looked up and didn’t see me, she panicked, thinking I was lost.

But I wasn’t lost — I knew exactly where I was, having fun by myself, hiding from the crowds, enjoying the colors and textures of the clothes surrounding me. Even as she chastised me for scaring her, my sense of being right, being OK, remained intact.

I’ve reflected on that feeling often over the years — how well I knew who I was then, the easy confidence and joy of being that faded as I got older.

I see it in so many friends and clients too; a loss of connection to the magical, open-hearted, self-confident person that still lives somewhere within.

I want her back.

I want her strong and healthy.

I want her in the foreground, not the background, of my psyche.

This is my dream:

A world of women who know who they are and live with confidence in their own goodness.
A world of women who don’t automatically say “sorry!” when another person bumps into you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
A world of women who stand firm in their inner wisdom and guidance, unswayed by outer voices.
A world of women who use that guidance and wisdom to care for themselves and others without burning out or caving in.

I know this is my personal journey, and that I’ve joyfully turned a corner in recent years to where I’m more like my 5 year old self than my 25, 35 or 45 year old self (lots of good stuff, yes, but lots of uncertainty too).

I believe this is why my clients feel so deeply seen, accepted, and lifted in our work together; because I’ve walked these rocky paths, and imagine I will continue to as life brings new challenges, albeit with more bravery and confidence.

One client, a writer and story coach, recently shared: “I experienced a delicious Tree of Life Healing with Sharon last Friday. It was an experience that “woke up” a whole part of my creative mind and unlocked a sense of self-acceptance that I hadn’t experienced before. Beautiful.”

What an honor to walk beside women like her!

If you share my dream, you know it requires engaging in a brave, bold dance. I encourage you to embody those rhythms fully. Swaying along with you from here…

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