Mother’s Day Book Giveaway

Nominate a special mother or yourself to win two great books and a tote on Mother’s Day!   Book 1 –  Crazy World, Peaceful Heart: 6 Core Practices for Cultivating Joy and Resilience by Sharon Rosen Book 2 – “Women, Rice and Beans – Nine Wisdoms I Learned from My Mother When I Really Paid Attention” by Ana Barreto Tote – Women, Rice and Beans Tote #loveformother #booksformothers     Winners will […]

Root Yourself

I was visiting with longtime, beloved friends last week. Seems I’m not the only one who’s been in an odd, restless place recently. Some combination of what’s in the news, summer expansiveness and being in my second Saturn return (an astrologically significant time of change and upheaval, first in your late 20s and again in […]

When Life Brings You to Your Knees

Trying times can bring the strongest person to her knees, emotionally if not literally. That’s where I’ve been the past few weeks, as so many things I thought were moving along smoothly or falling into place fell away. Happy clients needed to cancel and did not reschedule, or scheduled many weeks out. Calls and emails went unanswered, sometimes multiple […]

The Anti-Apology Zone

Erich Segal coined the phrase “love means never having to say you’re sorry” in his 70’s novel Love Story. But I’m not sure many of us were really listening, or aware of the wisdom embedded in a seemingly banal sentence.
We, especially those of the female persuasion, tend to apologize. A LOT. For errors large and small. For things we have done, for things we haven’t done. And I’m so tired of it.