Do Your Share My Dream?

One evening long ago, at a gathering with hundreds of other spiritual seekers, my teacher Hilda Charlton asked “What was your favorite age, when you knew exactly who you were?” I immediately saw myself at 5, playing in the circular racks at Alexander’s while Mom filled a cart from her list of back-to-school essentials. When […]

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Mother’s Day Book Giveaway

Nominate a special mother or yourself to win two great books and a tote on Mother’s Day!   Book 1 –  Crazy World, Peaceful Heart: 6 Core Practices for Cultivating Joy and Resilience by Sharon Rosen Book 2 – “Women, Rice and Beans – Nine Wisdoms I Learned from My Mother When I Really Paid Attention” by Ana Barreto Tote – Women, Rice and Beans Tote #loveformother #booksformothers     Winners will […]

Root Yourself

I was visiting with longtime, beloved friends last week. Seems I’m not the only one who’s been in an odd, restless place recently. Some combination of what’s in the news, summer expansiveness and being in my second Saturn return (an astrologically significant time of change and upheaval, first in your late 20s and again in […]

Feel Good Being You

It’s easy to think the smallest thing that someone else does is great and that the largest thing we’ve done is nothing much. I talk to so many women who feel, as I often do, that if I’ve done something, well, gee, can’t anyone? Doesn’t everyone? “Really, it’s no big deal that I lifted that boulder off of your kid…oh, but thank you so much for that glass of water, it’s delicious, I was so thirsty!” Sound at all familiar?

Do You Follow the 80/20 Rule?

Most inspirational speakers exhort us to “give it your all!” to “go big or go home!” Or maybe even “give 110% to truly give your best” to “always go above and beyond what you think you are capable of!” in order to truly succeed.
I think for many of us, this is a recipe for disaster.

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