Clients Are Saying


My life has truly transformed.

Terry 2014 b,jpgWhen I met Sharon I was pretty down in the dumps — low energy, depressed and confused. I knew I needed to make changes but wasn’t at all sure about what steps to take or where my life was headed.

After six months of working with her, I was more ready to try and meet someone new (one of my main sources of unhappiness). My energy had improved and I was feeling a new surge of creative juices. Part of what we worked on was getting me more comfortable and confident about my body, which had become achy and uncomfortable from carrying excess weight. I started exercising again and have probably lost about 10 pounds along the way, which I’m sure has contributed to feeling less of the joint pain I’ve struggled with.

One of the most helpful things I got from our work together was an ability to question my painful thoughts about myself — I was pretty good at beating myself up, even when I thought I wasn’t! I also have better boundaries now, especially with family members. I learned to slow down and breathe, and also speed up in terms of taking specific actions. Now, rather than wait and hope for things to magically get better, I’m accountable for how I spend my time — and I spend more of it on being good to me without feeling guilty or indulgent! (Several months after offering this testimonial, Terry wrote to let me know she’d met a wonderful man and they’ve fallen madly in love — how cool is that?!)

Terry C., CFO for Internet Company

Standing firmly in my inner knowing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had initially met Sharon at a women’s health day Open House. A year later, I remembered her gentle, kind personality and decided to contact her because I felt I needed some emotional guidance again in my life. I was at the point where I felt being coached and encouraged, with some healing involved, was exactly what I needed.

Upon our initial consultation, I was confused about the path I wanted for my life, both professionally and personally. As a healer, I felt I should be able to follow my own intuition about what to do, but was not detached enough from my situation to see clearly. Sharon guided me in a gentle but focused direction to call upon my strengths and inner knowing to come to my own thoughts and conclusions. She also ended some of our sessions with a Kabbalistic healing, which I always found extremely grounding and empowering. This was all accomplished over the telephone.

At the end of our series of sessions, I did not feel like a “new woman,” but after thinking about where I was emotionally and mentally when we first started, I was amazed at the difference! Sharon has supplied me with enough support and guidance to be able to stand in what I believe is right and true for myself. I am very grateful.

Carla VanDeusen

I now trust that who I am is enough.

lorettaI still often reflect on a session we did years ago where you got an image of the tension in my shoulders being connected to a heavy cape, like a superhero cape. It was like a cloak of burden that I was then able to remove and let drop — and even now, when I start to feel the overwhelm and burden build, I remember that I was able to remove it and if I could remove it once, I could remove it again. And that I don’t realize that I’m layering pieces of it back on until it becomes to heavy to bear, and then I think “wait, you know how to do this, you know how to take this off.”

For me, a powerful part of working with you was giving words to what I was feeling, helping me find the words to express what it was that made me feel there was such a burden in my life and in my heart, and that I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was able to give that words and a voice, and once I could hear it and listen to that, I was then able to handle it.

Putting a voice to it helped me understand these uncomfortable feelings I had. That was huge for me and has stayed with me until now — the ability to recognize when that cloak was too heavy again and the ability to walk out of it and leave it behind.

Another big thing I got from our work together is, I used to feel that no matter how much I do or what level of accomplishment I have, it’ll never be enough. I don’t feel directed or owned by that anymore. I know it’s still part of my storyline, but it’s out there now, not so much a part of me as an acknowledgement of a piece of me I’m no longer ruled by.

Having you sublet space in my chiropractic office worked so well for me because energetically we were connected — we were a mirror for each others’ belief systems, the sense of a connection to a greater good and source. There was a palpable sense of ease and comfort for me just knowing you were in the office, even if I didn’t see you because we were both busy. Our energy fields connected in a way that brought me a sense of calm and rightness in the overall energy of the office.

It was also great to have a professional I knew and trusted implicitly to be able to refer my patients to; I  always say to people I take care of, if I don’t do it myself, I’m never going to ask you to do it. Having had experience working with you professionally, I felt extraordinarily comfortable referring people to you.

Loretta Imbrogno, DC

Sharon has a way of meeting individuals exactly where they are.

eloShe’s easy to trust. She shares enough of her own vulnerability to life’s challenges that I never feel judged, but received with empathy and understanding. I don’t ever feel like she feels sorry for me or that she wants to “fix” me.

Sharon emanates a trust that I am whole the way I am in that moment, that things will unfold the way they are supposed to, and that she simply is a witness to that process. She inspires and reminds me of the importance of self-care, and for that I am ever grateful.

Peace, Eloiza Jorge

I’ve learned how to deal with my stressful thoughts.

Your Reclaim Your Footing program has made such a huge difference in my life. I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in these three months. I’d always benefitted in lots of ways from our bodywork sessions and conversations, so when you described how this worked I knew right away it was for me.
It’s been so hard for me since my parents both died within 40 days of each other; it didn’t matter that it’s been 4 years now. As an only child, even with a partner and children of my own, I’ve felt really alone because we were so close and they were my greatest supporters.
I’d also been going through some really challenging stuff with the people closest to me. I can be very emotional and sensitive, and that often made things especially difficult when my partner said things that were hurtful or took things that I said the wrong way. Not only was it hard, but I found that I kept working things over and over in my mind. It rarely made things better and often made me feel worse.
The thing that’s made the biggest difference for me is the combination of learning how to deal with my stressful thinking through a practice of inquiry, and the magic of your Kabbalistic healings. It’s helped me feel more awake, aware and at ease.

Lisa M., Program Specialist at Abilities First

I found that stress was continually diminishing; there has been a true healing of body, mind and spirit.

Chemotherapy is a challenging treatment to experience on many different levels and in numerous ways. My most sensitive system is my Central Nervous System and it was being seriously affected. For four months, I had been bolting out of rest and sleep with severe anxiety.

My thinking had become obsessive, especially with those events remaining unresolved, surfacing over and over again, like a hamster on an exercise wheel. I was concerned these reactions were interfering with my body’s ability to heal. Chemically induced or not, things felt out of control and it was at this time I decided to seek help in maneuvering my way through this stressful time.

After unsuccessful trial runs with four therapists, a health practitioner handed me Sharon’s card. I took note of “Reclaim Your Footing after a Life Altering Diagnosis or Loss”. This was intriguing. Experiencing cancer is life altering and certainly included loss; loss of mobility, loss of a business I was planning, loss of life as I had known it with lots of unknown ahead. Could this be a fit? There was nothing to lose.

We spoke on the phone and explored why I was contacting her and what she had to offer. Listening to her delivery, I immediately felt comfortable, which allowed me to be totally forthcoming about my needs. I was also taken by how closely she listened and her reiteration of what I had said, making sure she clearly understood what I was communicating. There were no assumptions on her part. For the first time, I sensed this would be a wonderful fit. I was not to be disappointed.

As the weeks progressed, I found that stress was continually diminishing and the need for my mind to repeat things over and over again dissipating. Thoughts my mind had held onto with an iron fist were being transmuted and were no longer the issue they had been.

Unlike in my past, I now love working with these practices on a daily basis. I finally have tools to shift how I respond no matter what comes along, and positive results come quickly. This has created an ease in life.

With Sharon’s clear yet elegant ability to communicate, the pairing of Mindful Meditation and Byron Katie’s “The Work” is a perfect union and what I have been searching for. The addition of the energy healing sessions and her skills in Kabbalistic Healing have created a solid foundation, allowing for true healing of body, mind and spirit.

Claudia Zadro, Modena, NY

I’ve been able to show up and enjoy life and relationships just as I am.

You ask what brought me to work with you. The first thing that came to  mind was a moment years ago, I was standing outside late at night, unable to sleep because I was so caught up in the frustrations of my life — especially in my marriage and work. I was feeling the pull of my usual outlets of drinking or escapist online activities. I also often felt oppressed by cultural messages to be successful, be a good provider for my family, etc. There seemed to be no way out, but I knew there must be.

From early in my teens I always had an instinctual sense that life could feel or be better when lived through some kind of spiritual path. I explored a lot of things but somehow still always felt at odds with the world. By the time I came to see you, I was really ready to find some peace and balance within myself. I was interested in your massage work, which my wife and friends had raved about, but I had a greater attraction to the spiritual and energetic healing work that we began to explore.

As we began doing regular sessions, I found I felt safe enough with you to be really honest, even with my darkest secrets. That was really important — having a place where I could just let it all out. I grew from our work because you were able to hold this totally non-judgmental space in which I could show up fully, with all of my messes and dark stuff. I always felt I was in a safe and knowing space, because you had clearly done your own work. You simply received me, listened, and let the work speak for itself and be of service in shifting me to a better place.

The Kabbalistic healing work especially brought me into greater balance than I’d experienced through any of the other paths I’d explored. I felt a real settling into myself and integration over the course of many sessions. I was better able to observe the world in a way that it made more sense, and wasn’t getting so caught up in the opposing forces of freedom vs. discipline.

I found our work together helped me to trust what I was experiencing beyond explanations of what you were “doing” or what was happening during the healings. It helped me gain an ability to know in other ways, and receive guidance from a source outside of my mental chatter or the chatter coming in from all around me. I had to become truly quiet to hear it in the first place, but once I knew it was there I could hear it even when it wasn’t quiet.

It also helped me find a place to sit without constant diversion. I learned there was a way to exist without simply responding to stimuli from my mind and my genes, and also that there was another source of information to guide life beyond the purely physical. I started to feel I was in the world independently and able to exist just as I am. And from that I’ve been able to show up and enjoy life and relationships just as I am, moving beyond my egoic attachments. Now I can simply be, and have a choice in how I respond to things that happen.

P.C.,  Montclair, NJ