Trust Your Essential Goodness


How do you keep the faith, stay connected and stand true to yourself as you face the unending pace and inevitable pains and losses of life?

You’re successful in so many areas of your life, yet there’s a gap, a sense of something still not quite jelling, not fully connecting.

You feel like you should have this stuff figured out by now, but even with all that you know and all that you do, there’s a deeper hunger.

One thing is for sure — the ground beneath your feet feels less solid, with new shifts and cracks to maneuver around. Whatever life is placing at your feet, I imagine that underneath it is a beautiful, tender inquiry:

How will I handle all that is ahead of me?

What will keep me going in the face of all I need to attend to?

How can I walk this journey with resilience and presence, especially when I get hit with waves of despair? 

Stopping is often the best place to start.

If you’re ready to find answers to those questions, you’re in the right place. Welcome . . . fix yourself a cup of tea and download your free gift so we can begin. Just type your name and email address in the box to the right, and you’ll be able to access a free audio meditation, 10 Minutes to Your Calm Center. Because it really doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does take stillness and loving attention.

Hi, I’m Sharon Rosen, Embodiment Coach, Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer. My heart’s work is to help you take your seat in the center of your life so you can rest in the stillness and wisdom you can only find there. It’s by consistently accessing that stillness that you can hear and respond more effectively to the quiet whispers of your soul.